Some newly posted teachers in the Adaklu District of the Volta Region have raised concerns over the inconveniences they go through in accessing their salaries.

The teachers lamented they have been turned away by their banks on numerous occasions when they attempted to withdraw their salaries.

Some of them who spoke to Joy News said, the banks simply told them "there was no money", even though they [teachers] had received confirmation from the Controller and Accountant General's Department that their salaries have been paid. 

The Spokesperson for the teachers, Victor Tetteh, explained that this has been ongoing for the past 3 months when they started receiving their salaries through Unity Rural Bank, a bank they were compelled to open an account with, for the processing of their salaries. 

"Once you are posted here [Adaklu District], you are mandated to open an account with Unity Rural Bank and when you refuse to do that, they won't process your salary, our senior colleagues also did same", he explained. 

However, the teachers have had an unpleasant experience with Unity Rural Bank within these few months where they had to travel to the bank on many occasions before receiving their salaries in full. 

Mr Tetteh illustrated that "we were informed the bank started paying our June salaries on July 4, but when we traveled to the bank for our money, we were told there was no money and asked to come back on Friday after visiting their branches at Ho and Ziope."

"We went back on Friday and were again told there was no money and they were asked to come the following week…A friend went on Friday and was told the same story, no money and come back next week.

"This has been our predicaments for the past three months," he added. 

He lamented that some of his colleagues on some occasions received their salaries in two folds which he feels was not right. 

He, however, pleaded with the appropriate authorities to take actions and rectify the problem to enable them to access their salaries swiftly.