I am a citizen of Ghana and my name is ADAM BONAA and I have 21 Questions the National Security and government must answer. 

1.    What’s the name of the commander who led the supposed NS operatives into the deadly shootings at Labawalashie?
2.    What is the level training/Rank of the commander who leads them, if any  
3.    Who issued the instructions to shoot
4.    At what point did NS pick Intel on individuals with deadly weapons but failed to involve other sector security agencies  
5.    What are the names of the officers who were used 
6.    Are they Party boys? Anyway, what is the full meaning of NSC?
7.    How many bullets were fired or discharged 
8.    What types of guns or firearms were used 
9.    Where from the brand new firearms USED
10.    Since when did NS change it mandate of coordinating other security agencies to keeping firearms and maintaining a standby security force
11.    Were the other security agencies (Police and Armed Forces) involved in the deadly operation
12.    Why were meetings leading to that operation not held at the NS Ministry but at a private home?
13.    Who is in Charge at the National Security 
14.    Why did NS use Police branded vehicles/trucks when it was strictly NS security operation
15.    Why is NS keeping POLICE Branded Vehicles 
16.    How long has the NS had in its custody the Police Vehicles they USED
17.     Are we by this going to see more of such illegal operations from NS
18.    Where did the NS Operatives get Police SWAT unit uniforms from
19.    Are we going to see the President take swift action and dismiss those who must be dismissed to restore some sanity in the security services and forces in Ghana
20.    Which of the State security agencies are strictly in charge of internal security 
21.    Are those who suffered injuries during the operation going to be compensated? If yes, how much? If no, why?