A member of the National Democratic Congress’ legal team has dismissed allegations by the Special Prosecutor that brother of former president John Mahama refused to honor invitations for probes into the Airbus scandal.

Edudzi Tamakloe said Samuel Adam Mahama did not receive an invitation by Martin Amidu or any other office for investigations into the scandal, therefore, such claims only amounts to mischief intended to mar the image of Mr Mahama and his family.

“Mr Amidu, but for mischief, ought to be finding out that the initial invitation to the named individual, has it reached their destination? He [the Special Prosecutor] didn’t do that but out of mischief, obtained a warrant as early as May, kept it, kept the process, and then finally set it out in the media and creates the impression as though they [the persons involved] are fugitives,” he told Evans Mensah on Newsnite, Friday.

Interpol ‘Red Notice’

Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu on Friday made a request to the Foreign Affairs Ministry to offer Samuel Adam Forster, one of the persons named in the Airbus scandal, an opportunity to accept to voluntarily evacuate to Ghana.

This is after the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) issued a ‘Red Notice’ for Mr Adam Foster aka Samuel Adam Mahama in connection with his role in the Airbus bribery scandal.

He is being sought for allegedly accepting bribe to influence a public officer and acting in collaboration with a public officer for the public officer’s private gain.

The Red Notice which was issued on July 10, said once Mr Adam Mahama is traced, “assurances are given that extradition will be sought upon the arrest of the person, in conformity with national laws and/or the applicable bilateral and multilateral treaties.”

Mr. Amidu claims he sought the assistance of the Interpol after the Mr. Adams failed to honor his invitations into the probe.

Reactions by NDC thereafter

After the release of the Red Notice, NDC members of have strongly refuted opposed the claims.

Communications Director for the party, Sammy Gyamfi insisted the warrant is fake and that adding that Mr Amidu, is doing that to mar the image of Mr Mahama.

Mr. Tamakloe further describes the act as “political mischief” for his pay masters.

“If your arrest warrant [that was published all over], is anything useful, why are you now asking the person to voluntarily go into the tarmac and that an aeroplane will be made available for that purpose. If he could have this civil engagement why publish the arrest warrant, obviously for political mischief,” he said.

He also dismissed allegations by the Special Prosecutor that Mr Mahama is the ‘Government Official 1’ cited in the case.

The NDC has dared Mr Amidu to provide evidence to that effect insisting that the claim cannot be true.