In a bid to deepen its presence and activities in the Northern half of Ghana, ADB will commence the financing of selected projects in the Ashanti and Northern regions.

The bank will also expand its branch network in these areas.

''The new phase of ADB will be focused on working with small and medium-sized indigenous businesses with the view of helping them expand and become more competitive'', ADB's Managing Director Kofi Mensah said.

In Kumasi alone, ADB will increase its branches from five to seven by the end of December 2018.

The bank has also established Trade Desks at the Prempeh II and Kumasi Market Branches to support and promote Foreign Trade Business.

ADB has fully refinanced the acquisition of a campus on behalf of Wisconsin International College in Kumasi to help increase access to quality tertiary education.

The bank is also in the process of completing an agreement with the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) to finance a Multipurpose Car Park in Kumasi as part of an overall strategy of enhancing the development of the Garden City.

In the Northern Region, the bank will soon unveil a major Agro-Processing Industrial Project.

Going forward, the bank intends to deepen its Corporate Social Responsibility in the Ashanti Region by organizing a series of social activities dubbed; “A day with traders & the business community”, “A day with kayayei” and “A day with drivers” among others.

The objective of the bank is embarking on these activities is to enable it to associate with various stakeholders within the communities and to recognize their contribution to the economy and nation-building.


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