At her first appearance on the Adom Praiz stage in 2010, you could hear the muffled requests of the audience asking for more.

And every step she took in retreat as she walked of the stage stamped a beat of anguish in the hearts of a very needy crowd. But, she had to go. You can’t sing all-night. Can you?

But Adom Praiz team heard the need, saw the unsatisfied faces – she will be back, they may have silently promised themselves.

And on August 2,2014, the silent promise will become a public unveiling.

Cece Winans is back in Ghana,

The 'Alabaster Box' and 'Thy Kindom Come'  artiste will be joining your iconic Adom Praiz along with fellow American singer Israel Houghton to celebrate 5 years of ground-breaking gospel entertainment.

In the last article, we learnt a little more about Israel. In this piece, we talk about the American singer every gospel music lover would still love to hear again and again.

Cece Winans no longer needs awards to affirm her pedigree. We are talking about the best-selling female gospel artiste of all-time here.

And she has done everything a singing career can do. She has featured in movies – remember 'Touched by an Angel'?. She has authored three books. There is a documentary about her life and career and after 58 Grammy, Dove, and Stellar awards, Priscilla "CeCe" Marie Winans Love has certainly lived any a singer's dream.

In truth, you can’t sing 48 songs in a four-hour event so yeah Cece couldn’t perform all the hit tracks on that single night in Ghana.  So it’s a second show with a second set of gospel hit songs.

The international gospel singer is fast becoming a Ghanaian. At least you can pronounce ‘Adom’ and if you ask her to mention one radio station in Africa, Adom FM will roll off her tongue pretty easily.

This may be a small matter but it is of great relevance. That’s how big collaborations are forged – easily recognizing words, moments, friends, media platforms.

For ambitious Ghanaian gospel artistes, the second coming of Cece Winans is the greatest opportunity since radio was invented.

See, the woman is developing a great affinity to Ghana and Ghanaians. Methink its time for a great inroad for Ghana gospel in the USA. Time for some great collaboration.

In any case, Ghana is a household name in the U.S for several reasons – World Cup on my mind.

But which Ghanaian gospel artist will be a household name in America?

After 2nd August, something can change. Anything can happen.