Legal Practitioner Clara Beeri Kasser-Tee has urged the members of the Catholic Organization for Social and Religious Advancement (COSRA) to be the leaders Ghana needs.

Delivering the keynote address at the 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving and Fundraising of COSRA, the private legal practitioner noted that the adult youth have complained about bad leadership in the country but the time has come for them to lead in their own small way to positively impact their society.

“The role of the adult youth is to be a leader in this changing world. You must be a leader not only to the youth and the children. You must be a leader to all.

“We can no longer afford to merely complain about bad leadership. Our role as Adult Youth is to be the leader we have been waiting for,” she urged.

She advised members of the group to live a life that represents the godly values they were taught since they are the future of the society and will pass on the faith to the younger ones.

“The role of the Adult Youth is to lead in service to God and service to humankind,” she stated.

She then highlighted three services that a young person must follow;

1.            To give in service and humility;

2.            To know about the things that concern your community and country, acknowledge your power to affect your community positively, and to get involved in your own small way to impact your society and country positively.

3.            To lead. To be the example that you seek.

According to her, one must learn to give in order to serve humanity and accomplish God’s works as well.

“Contributing financially to God’s work is thus a great way to serve God. Our giving also acknowledges that we know our God gives liberally to all men and women.

“God does not compel us to give. He wants us to give only when we have decided, cheerfully that we want to give and give what we want to, freely,” she noted.

Mrs Kasser-Tee further added that positively impacting the community and people around us is another way of serving God and mankind and encouraged youths to get involved in works that in their own small way so as to propel the society.

COSRA is an organization formed in September 1969 at the Holy Spirit Cathedral, Adabraka and nurtured into formal existence as a recognized Youth Group in January 1970.

It seeks to bring the Youth of the Church together, promote social and religious activities among members, and in the church and encourage the spirit of voluntary service to the church both among members and the Youth of the Church.