The government has given a strong response to the latest critique of the double track system, an offspring of its flagship Free Senior High policy.

Pressure Group, Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC) called on the government to scrap the double track system by the 2020/2021 academic year.

Kofi Asare
Kofi Asare is a leading member of GNECC

The group says it has found that the programme is inimical to teaching and learning.

“Some teachers we spoke to say the contact hours are too long,” Kofi Asare, a leading member of the group told Joy News TV’s News Desk show on Friday.

He claimed the contact hours start from 7:40am to 5:00pm. “Go the Accra High and find out for yourself,” Asare said.

Responding to the claims however, Deputy Education Minister, Yaw Osei Adutwum said GNECC’s arguments are unfounded.

The Deputy Minister noted that the argument against the double track was that it will reduce contact hours; therefore GNECC’s argument of too much contact hours is not tenable.

GNECC had also said the one hour per period is too much because, for a two-period class, the last 30 minutes is not productive.

Dr. Adutwum however, noted that the teachers are trained to engage the class and also device other means such as breaking students into groups to conduct discussions and reflect of what they have been taught, all of which he said are productive.

Dr. Adutwum says the double track has reduced class sizes and increased contact hours

He also added that the 7:40 to 5:00pm class hours claim by GNECC is false. “What is regular is 8:00am to 4:00pm,” he said.

Adutwum also noted that the government has already stated that double track programme is temporary and will be faced out in five to seven years, so GNECC’s demand for “scrap by next year” is weak.

GNECC however, insists that its findings are founded. “When the students write their final exam next year, we will see if the double track is productive,” Asare said.

The Deputy Minister said the policy, however, has goals and per those, double track is on track.”