The Ghana branch of the 1985 Year Group of Wesley Girls Senior High School has donated educational materials to the Cape Coast-based school. 

Among the items donated were filing cabinets, a printer and photocopier machine, to support the administrative work of the School.

A member of the group, Tena Dadson, said the support was important because God had done a lot for each member of the group. 

Wey Gey Accra

She disclosed that members of the 1985 group had attained the age of 50 and had been blessed with good health with great camaraderie among the Group members. 

It was, therefore, imperative to show appreciation to God by giving back to society.

“We had a thanksgiving service to appreciate God for His goodness and manifold blessing in our lives. We also agreed that in addition to giving thanks to God, we should also give to a school in need of these equipment,” she said.

She was hopeful that the 1985 Year Group would continue to support the school to solve some of their resource requirements.

Mrs Dadson also appealed to government to support the school, especially with infrastructure and provide it with a science laboratory.

The headmistress of Accra Wesley Girls SHS, Madam Leticia Bray, who received the materials on behalf of the school congratulated the 1985 Year Group for their kind gesture and pledged to take good care of them.

She prayed for long life and prosperity for all the group members and urged others to emulate their kind gesture.

Madam Bray took the opportunity to advise students of the school to take their studies serious in order to achieve their goals in life.

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