Businessman, Senyo Hosi, has unloaded on the management of the University of Ghana castigating them for incompetence, in a rant that has gone viral.

At Ghana’s premier university’s event marking its 70th anniversary, the CEO of Bulk Oil Distributors standing in front of a sparse audience, directed his tirade at management and lecturers stressing, “you guys are not thinking.”

”You are churning out people with degrees not people with an education, not people with skills,” the entreprenuer who said he bags three degrees from the university.

In a viral video recorded by Citi TV, he stressed he will not hire MBA graduates from the University of Ghana because, they lack relevant skills.

In a no holds barred criticism, Senyo Hosi called for the clearing out of old managers and lecturers in the school.

“Respectfully, the old men running this school, they are too many. Get them out!”

“ I beg you, you guys are not doing anything that is relevant for the future,” the alumnus stated frankly.

He turned his guns on organisers of the university’s anniversary celebration for doing a poor job in attracting alumni to the event.

“Look at the number of people here,” his fingers scanned the audience as they applauded the ranting businessman.

“What kind of communication went on to promote this programme,” the CEO said and pointed out even water for panelists was not provided.

He expressed shock that despite a Marketing Department and a Communication School, the organisation of the event was sub-standard.

“This is a school of mediocrity,” he fired management.

Senyo Hosi charged managers to stop living off the university’s past glories and take the first step towards transforming the university.

“If you want to fix it, forget about this your 70 years….forget it the world has moved on,” he fumed and challenged management and lecturers to provide their students viable skills.

“Your students don’t have the thinking. They are robots. Even the robot, they can’t even do it.”