Trade and Labour ministers from selected African countries have affirmed their commitment to the protection of international recognized workers rights as essential element to sustainable trade and investment growth.

Attending the inauguration of the African Growth and Opportunity Act, (AGOA) at Washington, DC in the United States, the African leaders from Ghana, Angola, Botswana, Cape Verde, Cote D’voire, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Nigeria and Senegal renewed their commitment to make continual progress towards establishing protection of the rights of workers.

They also committed to eliminating the worst form of child labour in conformity with the AGOA eligibility criteria.

The forum provided the platform for dialogue and consultation between the ministers of trade and labour and government officials from the US.

The forum is also aimed at addressing technical barriers between the private sector and civil societies in the US as well as sub Saharan Africa. 

Ghana's Employment and Labour Relations minister, Haruna Iddrisu who is representing Ghana at the high level talks said Ghana will draw from the examples of the US especially on protecting the rights of the workers so as to increase the country's utilization of AGOA and to promote sustainable trade and investment.

The forum which started on the 22 September will end on the Monday 26th September 2016.


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