For anyone who has attended any Adom Praiz event, there are several, several untold stories.

Among the over 65,000 patrons since 2009, there are many with something to say or an experience to laugh about or a story that makes you go ‘aaaawwwwww’

For example, how you fought and bought a ticket. How you quarreled with your partner because she was running late [ most likely she] or he was postponing getting you a ticket [ definitely a he].

Or how the event coincided with your birthday so that instead of celebrating it in some dark corners or with some dark desires, you chose to celebrate it under the floodlights of good godly gospel entertainment.

For some couple or courting pair, you may have used the event to mend a sore area in your relationship.

For somebody, the last edition ended his search for a wife. After standing next to this strange happy looking girl, he was standing next to this once-strange but-now-my-bride lady six months later.

We may have inspired some babies these past few editions, who knows?

There are many any untold stories.

That is why you can’t underestimate the power, the ripple effect of programs like this.

The success may not lie in the record numbers, the great set-up or sounds or the performance, it may lie in the many untold stories and happy endings that we will never hear or ever know.

Folks, people have several testimonies of what Adom Praiz has done. The unintended consequences and the invisible benefits.

And so at the Perez Dome this 2nd August, another wave, another ripple, another unintended consequences, another tsunami of untold stories will be let loose spilling into lives uncountable and causing changes least expected.

But first.

You have to get a ticket.