As part of its social responsibility commitment, the Accra Institute of Technology (AIT), has launched an Ebola song to create a national awareness campaign to educate the public on the Ebola and cholera emergency.

The Executive Manager of Admissions and Operations, AIT, Mr. Dominic Osei-Boakye explained in a statement that “the Ebola and Cholera emergency have been on the minds of all of us in the sub-region and beyond. As you may be aware, although Ghana is yet to record a single Ebola case, we deem it necessary as part of our social responsibility to launch this awareness campaign to educate the public on the Ebola scare.”

“From what is happening in some of our sister countries in the sub-region, we, as a nation have got enough Ebola warning shots and alerts on the devastation this disease can cause. We will only have ourselves to be blamed as a nation, if we don’t educate ourselves on how to prevent it and heed to the famous advice: ‘prevention is better than cure’. In fact, Ebola has no Cure. We therefore are looking forward to partner with the media and corporate organizations on this massive nationwide education and awareness campaign.”

The Student Representative Council (SRC) of AIT has already commenced the campaign through public lectures, Ebola and Cholera song/videos clip, and are distributing Hundred thousand (100,000) Ebola and Cholera fact sheets, posters and flyers throughout the country, targeting educational institutions, healthcare facilities, places of worship, public and private organizations and community centers.

They hope to partner with other institutions in other parts of the country to assist in the rapid distribution process.

 Dedicated websites have also been launched by the students to use the internet and other social media resources to engage the youth to spread the word.

“We are confident that our youth can play a leading role in educating the public and raising awareness on how the nation can be battle- ready to confront the Ebola if it ever land on our shores. Given that we now have over 60 tertiary institutions in Ghana not forgetting the hundreds of second cycle institutions, the youth of these institutions can be educated and mobilized to follow the lead provided by the SRC of AIT to assist in the fight against Cholera and preventing the incidence and the spread of Ebola in Ghana.”