Some 150 academically promising students from low-income backgrounds will be awarded scholarship packages through the 2018 Aker Energy-GNPC Scholarship Programme.

The election process for talents opens at a launch in Takoradi on September 5, 2018.

“We are pleased to launch the 2018 scholars programme together with GNPC. Stakeholder dialogues have shown us that education stands out as one of the highest priorities in the communities. We are proud to provide a full academic scholarship to promising students from communities in the Western Region,” said Mr. Jan ArveHaugan, CEO of Aker Energy.

Norwegian-based Aker Energy is, through its subsidiary, Aker Energy Ghana AS, the operator of the DeepwaterTano Cape Three Points block (“DWT/CTP”) offshore Ghana and is currently working to submit a Plan of Development for the block.

Developed in collaboration with local communities

On September 5, Aker Energy and GNPC will launch the Aker Energy-GNPC Scholarship Programme in Takoradi. The scholarship will cater for the full cost of tuition and boarding for 150 promising students from low-income backgrounds, and will provide students with provisions, pocket money, school items, as well as additional scholastic materials for study at both the Senior High School (SHS) and nursing training levels.

“In the scholarship programme, we also emphasize mentorship and followership for all beneficiaries, as well as career and university guidance. The Aker Energy-GNPC Scholarship Programme partners with government certified academic institutions based within the Western Region from which selected scholars may make their own choices.

“To date, 646 students have benefitted from the program. 271 students have graduated from the program throughout its first three years and additional 125 students graduated in May this year,” said Mr. Jan HelgeSkogen, Country Manager of Aker Energy in Ghana.

Formally referred to as the Hess-GNPC Scholars Programme, the Aker Energy-GNPC Scholarship Programme was launched in 2012 following an extensive needs assessment carried out in the six coastal districts of the Western Region. In these stakeholder dialogues, education and health were highlighted as the highest priorities for the local communities.

Supporting local talent

“Local talent from the six coastal districts of Western Region face challenges when pursuing higher education after Senior High School. To help the students to move on, the Aker Energy-GNPC Scholars Programme now ensures that qualified beneficiaries can have their university application forms purchased for them. In addition, practical assistance is offered to students in the completion of the entire application process,” said Mr. Skogen.

A total of 45 university application forms and 15 entry application forms for nursing training institutions were purchased for prospective beneficiaries this year and consultations are already underway to place the students under the sponsorship of the GNPC University Scholarship Programme who gain admission into their academic institution of choice.