Reggie Rockstone

Ghanaian veteran musician, Reggie Rockstone, has expressed his displeasure over the 90-day imprisonment sentence given to actress Akuapem Poloo by the Accra Circuit Court on Friday.  

Speaking on JoyNews’ Ghana Connect with Evans Mensah, Friday, he stated that the actress could have been made to pay a fine rather than being slapped with such a harsh punishment.

Commenting on her custodial sentencing, the musician who broke down emotionally stated that “she could have paid a fine or did community service.”

His rage comes on the heels after Akuapem Poloo was convicted for posting naked pictures with her son on social media to celebrate his seventh birthday

Prior to the judgment, the social media sensation pleaded guilty to all three charges and was convicted on her own plea by the court presided over by Christina Cann.

Her punishment greeted a mixed reaction from some Ghanians.

Whiles some well-meaning Ghanaians expressed their sentiments over the court’s punishment campaigning for the actress to be freed or be given a less harsh punishment.

Others are calling for stiffer punishment to help deter others from repeating the act.

Reacting to this, Reggie Rackstone is of the view that individual comments chastising the single mother for her actions are insensitive.

According to him, “most of the stuff that you see on social media that she does, is just to feed her child.

“I’m not saying that the law is wrong, I’m not here to argue with the law. All I’m saying is, I’m a human being, and it cut me. But if you feel like it okay that that girl is locked up and taken away from her son, that’s entirely up to you. For me It does not sit well with my spirit,” he told host Evans Mensah.

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