The Flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Akufo-Addo, has called on the Tijaniyya Muslim Movement of Ghana to be steadfast and pray for the unity of the party and also for the country.

He also thanked them for their continuous support nationwide during the party’s congress last year.

“It was through your tremendous prayers that fetched me the support of the party to become the flag bearer,” he added.

Mr Addo was speaking at the 42nd birthday celebration of the founder of the Tijaniyya Muslim Movement of Ghana, Sheikh Abdallah Maikano Jaloo Baba, in the Brong Ahafo Region.

At the occasion, Sheikh Abdallah made a request for the development of the community, since it lacked potable water, good roads and a health facility.

He said residents drank from the Pru River and the health facility available could not accommodate a large number of people.

“Our health facility is too small and the river is our source of drinking water. Residents sometimes lose their lives in an attempt to either fetch or bath in the river and this is a disturbance to us,” he said.

The Chief of Prang Nana Kodjo Narko III, also emphasised the need to develop the community, since it had become a ground for prayers by Muslims.

The Brong Ahafo Regional Minister, Mr Kwadwo Nyamekye Marfo, assured them of development in the community.

The celebration brought together Muslims nationwide to pray for peace and unity in the country.

Source: Daily Graphic


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