The 2017 and 2018 coalition of Graduate Unemployed Allied Health Professionals (COAHP) has announced a decision to rescind a planned withdrawal from the Covid-19 contact tracing, sample taking and testing teams.

According to the leadership of the coalition, the decision was taken after several engagements with the Allied Health Professionals Council, the Ghana Federation of Allied Health Professionals and several calls and messages from prominent Ghanaians.

“Leadership has had fruitful but not conclusive deliberations with stakeholders. Our decision to suspend the withdrawal is based on the paramount interest of Ghanaians.

“We therefore entreat all our members to immediately return to the field to aid in the COVID-19 contact tracing, sample taking and testing exercise. In show of good faith, we are willing to offer all of our members (3,797) as volunteers nationwide to help in the COVID-19 fight as we also hope that various stakeholders stick to their promise and do the needful,” the coaltion of allied health professionals said in a statement.

The coalition has, however, stated that its previous decision to withdraw in the Covid-19 fight was justified due to the lack of response from stakeholders who have the rnandate to ensure that its members are granted financial clearance.

“We hereby plead with the various stakeholders to ensure further engagements and negotiations to prevent future escalations,” the coalition said in the statement.