French and African investors partaking in the Ambition Africa Summit under the high patronage of President Emmanuel Macron and supported by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France, have expressed their readiness to do business in Ghana.

Speaking to the media, Trade Commissioner, Business France Managing Director for Sub Saharan Africa, Alex Baroux, stated that some investment models in Ghana, like the One District One Factory initiative, Spark Up initiative by the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC) are informing French companies and investors the positive turnovers in Ghana.

“What we are seeing in Ghana is impressive. We already have deep investments in the country but also building on that for more investors to penetrate Ghana’s market. its quiet reasonable – the investment climate of Ghana and we are positive of putting investments there,” he stated.

Founder of TWC Travel, a manufacturer and distributor of wine in South Africa, Percy Morapedi Kojo, touted Ghana Beyond Aid as an attractive governance stance that has appealed to African investors like himself.

“As an investor from South Africa, I see most of my colleagues eying Ghana. The country is doing so well amid this pandemic; growth margins are favorable, economic outlook so bright and the business climate very conducive,” he stated.

Chief Executive Officer of T&T Corporation Ltd, Kal’air Trezeguet revealed prospects for investments in the petroleum sector, citing the country’s peaceful economic and political climate.

Ambition Africa 2021 brought together more than 1,250 participants from France and 39 African countries.

The event was a real success with more than 2,000 Business-Two-Business (B2B) meetings organised, and extensive covered by the economic and specialised press with more than 90 publications.

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