The Member of Parliament for Sagnarigu has dismissed claims by former Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu that some NDC MPs cited in the Double Salary scandal were used as bargaining chips to approved ministerial nominees.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Kwesi Parker Wilson, he stated that no such negotiations had taken place between the government and the largest opposition party when the allegations were levelled against the latter.

He stated that Mr Amidu’s allegations are scandalous adding that he needs to provide proof that such actions took place.

“Where is the evidence? Who negotiated on the NDC side and who negotiated on the NPP side? There was no such thing. The proof of allegations lie in the person against who alleges.”

“As at the time that such allegations were made there was no salary. No appointee of John Mahama was paid a salary, members who are part of the Article 71 office holders were just paid on account. So nobody was paid a salary for anybody to even talk about double salary being paid, so it is a red herring.”

His comment comes after Martin Amidu alleged that President Akufo-Addo and his government had leveraged the Double Salary Scandal and other criminal cases in which some NDC members were complicit to compel them to approve his ministerial appointments.

In his latest epistle, he stated that President Akufo-Addo instructed the then-Attorney General, Gloria Akufo, not to file charges against Parliamentarians found to have received double salaries.

According to him, claims that his failure to deal with the matter that has resulted in the non-prosecution of the MPs is untrue.

He added that merely a political tactic to tarnish his image further while absolving the current government of their own corrupt ways.

However, Mr Fuseini stated that as a Special Prosecutor, if Mr Amidu had evidence or suspicion of corruption, he could have taken the case on without any instruction from the attorney general or the president.

He said that with the powers the SP is clothed with, he did not need any instruction from the Attorney General or the President to prosecute perpetrators.

“I have said it clearly that if you can’t carry your load, you can’t blame your head pan, so this banter between him and the Attorney General is out of incompetence; they can share it among themselves,” he added.

The Sagnarigu MP also dismissed claims that some NDC MPs were paid a double salary during their appointment as Ministers.

He stated that the allegation was a ruse the NPP had sought to stick on the NDC in their bid to fight corruption.