Two youth groups in the Northern Region, Timalin-taaba and Gukpegu who warned President JEA Mills against venturing into the region have retracted the warning and apologised to the president.

The warning by the two groups – primarily angry Andani and NDC youth – followed the acquittal and discharge of the Ya-Na murder suspects last Tuesday.

They accused the president of betrayal, arguing he had deliberately failed to fulfill his election campaign promise to them to ensure the killers of the Ya-Na were brought to justice.

The warning was largely condemned by sections of the society who say while the youth were entitled to be frustrated by the ruling, daring the president was simply outrageous.

The groups now say they are sorry, promising a rousing welcome for President Mills when he visits Tamale.

Spokesperson for the group, Haruna Jajah, said their action in the immediate aftermath of the ruling freeing the suspects was borne by frustration.

“Certainly, we are apologising for that action and we are asking that he should be rest assured that we are behind him and we want him to visit Tamale,” he said.

He also criticized ex-president Rawlings over reports that he has been campaigning against the re-election of President Mills in 2012.

According to Jajah, changing president Mills as the party’s candidate for elections 2012 will spell doom for the governing party.

Source: Joy News/Ghana