Presenter cum fashionista, Kofi Okyere Darko, popularly known as KOD, has called on parents to ensure that they apologise to their children when they fault them.

This, he said, will help inculcate a positive attitude in young people as they turn to adapt to what they witness at home and around them growing up.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Home Affairs with Edem Knight-Tay, he noted that there may be moments when parents let their children down and that if care is not taken, this brings them disappointment and equally breaks their heart.

“So definitely, we have to do that; we have to apologise to young people, even our daughters, when we let them down,” he said Saturday.

“It is something that we indirectly also introduce to them in terms of knowing that when they do something inappropriate, they have to apologise,” he added.

Touching on cheating in a relationship, Mr Darko said there is a possibility of cheating occurring in relationships; parents must let children understand that it is just not right, so it must be avoided.

“I think that it is something we should never encourage young people to do; first of all, to have sex before marriage is inappropriate,” he said.

The celebrated broadcaster said cheating in marriage mostly develops from the attitude of young people from their relationship and may be fueled by what they witnessed from home or in other marriages.

“Let’s say their mothers were in a relationship where their fathers were seeing other people apart from their mums, and they [the young ones] know about it…,” he cited.

KOD, however, indicated that “It is important for us to teach our kids that as people grow up or as human beings, there are people who will let you down, but it’s just normal,” to help them move on in life.

He narrated a situation where a teenager who had been let down a couple of times by some boys believes it is safer to be with ladies because of the reception she had from girls at the time.

“And now she feels that maybe she was actually born to be with a woman and not a man based on her experiences as a teenager,” he said.

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