Pupils of Achinakrom Municipal Assembly Junior High School will no longer walk long distances to fetch water for bathing and other domestic use again.

They resorted to unwholesome water far from the community and often desecrated with human excreta.

This means pupils report to school late having walked for several hours to fetch water, affecting quality teaching and learning.

Back to school, they were also faced with the absence of water, creating sanitation difficulties in and around the school compound.

Moreover, the over 400 pupils defecated in the bush around the school, creating further unsanitary conditions.

There is, however, good news as a non-governmental organization, Soroptimist International Club, an all-female international professional body, visited the community and gave the people some hope. 

The group has provided a borehole, urinary facilities and renovated school's kitchen.

At least, it spends 20,000 Ghana cedis annually on its activities in the community.

Project Co-ordinator, Ruth Brenya says the gesture is part of the club’s 25th-anniversary celebrations this year.

“Sanitation is utmost importance; it is a project on our heart to ensure that the children are safe. Many communities still need help with sanitation, something that social organisations should help with”, she explained.

Headteacher, Ibrahim Mohammed is happy at the latest development in the school.

He wants benevolent individuals and organisations to emulate the gesture.