Two gold dealers have been shot and robbed of their gold and money at Manso-Mosekrom in the Amansie South District of the Ashanti region.

According to residents, the four suspected robbers stormed the area, Thursday dawn, for a gold heist.

The gunmen also robbed a gold buyer, and a mobile money vendor at gun point.

Speaking to Nhyira FM, a resident said the robbers first victim was compelled to lead them to three other gold dealers.

He added that the two dealers who were shot in the leg received treatment at St Martin’s Hospital at Agroyesum.

“We heard gunshots between 2 am, and 3 am, and they first attacked the gold dealer, Nana Bronya. He was robbed and asked to lead the robbers to other gold dealers at gunpoint.

“They went to one Daniel and robbed him of his money and gold and then shot him. Another victim, Kwabena, was also robbed of his money, and they shot him in the leg.

“For the mobile money vendor, he was robbed of ¢12,000. One gold buyer has also robbed to the tune of ¢20,000.”

According to him, doctors at St Martin’s Hospital Daniel’s leg has to be amputated.

The case has since been reported to the Mano Adubea Police station.

Police who confirmed the incident said they have started an investigation into the matter.

The Manso area is notorious for such incidents. Barely a year ago, about eight suspected armed robbers shot and killed three people at Manso Dadease after robbing a gold dealer of four pounds of gold and cash.

The robbers shot indiscriminately as they fled the scene.