Italian giants AS Roma have announced the signing of young Ghanaian forward Felix Afena-Gyan for an undisclosed fee.

The 18-year-old has been signed from the lower-tier side EurAfrica Football Club in Accra.

Afena-Gyan joins the youth team and will be closely monitored by the technical handlers of the senior team.

Renowned Ghanaian football agent Oliver Arthur played a huge role in the transfer of the striker.

It has been quite the journey for Felix Afena-Gyan. Many footballers dream of playing at the highest level and he is not an exception.

The difference is, his dream has been realised and for those who know him, there is very little surprise in his transfer to the former Italian champions.

Ghana’s leading football agency, ArthurLegacy Sports are no strangers to identifying a diamond in the rough when it comes to football talent and they knew they had struck the motherlode when their scout spotted Afena-Gyan playing for the Presbyterian Senior High School at Berekum in the Bono region.

It was not just his magnificent speed and power on the pitch that caught attention. He was the full athletic package as he competed for the school in track as well, performing brilliantly in all sprint categories.

Football, however, was his calling card. He led his school to the regional tournament and was named, captain of the regional high school select squad.

The Wenchi-born prodigy has always broken barriers. From becoming his high school team captain and sports perfect as a second-year student when only final years are given that honour, Oliver Arthur knew he did not just have a footballer, but a well rounded young man with the potential to reach the very top.

Afena-Gyan’s mother deserves credit for his endearing personality. It was her who first discovered her toddler had a knack for football and encouraged his talent. She also saw the value in him having an education and kept him honest as a student-athlete.

All that has paid off after his four and a half year deal with AS Roma. It has been a long time since a major Italian club signed a player straight from Ghana and it comes with added pressure. But it is pressure Felix Ohene Gyan is ready to bear as he looks to take Rome by storm.

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