Forty unemployed women in the Ashanti region are expected to be trained in the development of mobile applications.

The initiative by start-up hub, Women’s Haven Africa, is expected to reduce the level of unemployment in the region and empower young women.

Organisers are positive the project, will create job opportunities for young unemployed women and expand the ICT literacy especially among women in the region.

Officials at Women Haven Africa are worried about few women in the tech space. The hub believes the project will create and gradually close the gender gap in the area of technology and ICT development.

“These startups are going to be trained in mobile app development and some will be incubated to create jobs for themselves, at the end of it we want to empower and promote more women in digital transformation,” Founder and CEO of Women’s Haven Africa, Adwoa Fosua Owusu Ofori, said.

Ashanti Region: Forty unemployed girls to benefit from mobile application development training

Forty unemployed women are undergoing mobile development training as a solution. Participants will gain knowledge in building mobile apps that will be relevant in solving problems of start-ups.

Career coach, Dr. Samuel Tinagyei is urging start-up companies to invest in producing a functional app.

He spoke to LuvNews on the sidelines of a consultative stakeholder meeting organized in Kumasi.

“They’re so many apps in the system, as a startup your app must be functional to attract more customers,” he said.

The Mobile App Development project was organized by Women’s Haven Africa in collaboration with Ghana Tech Lab.

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