The Ashanti Regional Police Command has assured the general public, especially the Chiefs and people of Ejura, that it has started investigations into circumstances leading to the death of two persons in Ejura Sekyedumase, Tuesday.

The two were shot during a clash between Military personnel and agitating youth of Ejura Sekyedumase protesting against the killing of an activist, Ibrahim Mohammed. Four others sustained severe injuries.

According to a press statement signed by Assistant Superintendent of Police, Godwin Ahianyo, who is the Public Affairs Officer in the Ashanti Region, ”preliminary investigations show that following the burial of Ibrahim Mohammed, aka, Kaaka at Mempeasem cemetery at Ejura today 29th June 2021, some irate youth blocked the main Ejura Atebubu road impeding traffic.

“The Police moved in with Military reinforcement to quell the situation but the irate youth charged on the security officers with all manner of implements including firearms, clubs, machetes and stones.”

“The security officials fired shots to disperse the angry mob who failed to retreat. They rather massed up at all corners. The death and injuries were recorded in the process,” part of the press statement read.

The press release indicated that calm has been restored in Ejura and “the Regional Command has taken over investigations into the murder of Kaaka”.

The Police further urged persons with information regarding the murder of Kaaka to reach out to the “Command at the Central Police Station, Kumasi or call 0299207770. The strictest confidentially is assured”

The Police has pledged to offer protection to persons who provide relevant information on the issue.

The youth hit the streets of Ejura to demand justice and accountability for the death of their colleague, social activist, Ibrahim Mohammed also known as Kaaka.

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