The President’s nominee for Chief Executive of the Asokwa Municipal Assembly has received a hundred percent endorsement by Assembly Members.

All 18 Assembly Members voted en-bloc to approve Akwannuasa Gyimah, a former constituency vice chairman for Asokwa, for a second term.

He is the only Chief Executive to have maintained his position in all five municipalities carved out of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, and the first to be endorsed in the Ashanti region.

“It feels great. It means that the people of Asokwa and of course the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo has great confidence in me so I am ready to continue with whatever I started,” he said of his appointment and confirmation.

Mr. Gyimah told journalists that his immediate task would be to continue his project of preventing flooding and improving sanitation in the area.

The biggest modern landfill  site in the country is located in Asokwa, but many private collection contractors continue to dump waste meant for the landfill site on the streets in the Municipality.

The MCE revealed there are already discussions with the Ministry of Sanitation with the hope to resolve the menace of indiscriminate dumping of refuse.

“Sanitation is also a big issue because of where the landfill site is located. It’s located in the Municipality., Asokwa. And for that reason, all the filth in this township, in Greater Kumasi, passes through our Municipality before it gets to the landfill site and most times, we get this Aboboyaa operators leaving the filth, garbage on our streets and it’s a big concern to us. We’ve even written to the Ministry of Sanitation to come to our aid because we have spent so much of our money to take care of our streets,” Mr. Akwannuasa said.

The ceremony attracted the Member of Parliament for Asokwa, Patricia Appiagyei, Divisional Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Ohene-Boadi Bossman, Regional Communications Officer of the NPP, Akwasi Kyei, some traditional  leaders and supporters of the New Patriotic Party. 

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