Mr. Joseph Obimpeh, Assemblyman for the Anyaa NIC Electoral area has donated a 220 volt single-phase Honda Generator set to the Anyaa District Police Station.

The gesture, according to Obimpeh was to help the station get illuminated during power outage.

"About a week ago I went to there to discuss an issue with the commander, unfortunately I there was light off and I realized how the prisoners were suffering in the cells. I felt so much pity for their plight so I promised the commander that I will buy the station a generator set.
In response to an appeal made by the district commander, Mr. Obimpeh told Joy News he will provide the station with a decent and comfortable accommodation so that they can serve the community with peace of mind.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Station, Officer in Charge of the Anyaa District Police Station, DSP Christian Kpordje expressed the station’s gratitude for the kind gesture.

"We are grateful for the benevolent support given us and we thanked Hon. Obimpeh for it because it’ll be of great benefit to us knowing very well that the power situation we face in this country is not the best. This generator will help us improve the security situation because when we have a light off; we will have the place lit and have our computers working as well"
DSP Christian Kpordje also called for more support from corporate organizations and philanthropists to come to their aid.

The station, he said, is currently facing infrastructure challenges.


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