A Central regional MP Rev. John Ntim Fordjour has donated 20 street lights and 10 laptops to his alma mater, University of Mines and Technology in the Western Region.

The donation is in support of an incubation project the Tarkwa-based University is undertaking.

The incubation project is to support their students with the equipment for their training, research, innovation, finetuning the ideas of students into feasible projects for implementation.

The NPP MP for Assin-South in the Central region advised students to focus on ideas that can help them create jobs or contribute to reducing the levels of unemployment deemed a crisis.

He paid tribute to UMaT calling it an institution that made a “very indelible contribution” to his life some 16 years ago and also instilled “some very strong values” in him.

John Ntim Fordjour

The 32-year old MP graduated from the university in 2007 with a BSc in Mineral Engineering. 

“It is important that I come back to give back to my old school and that is the reason why I came with some very important donations”, the MP who entered Parliament in 2017 said.

Vice-Chancellor of the university Professor J.S.Y Kuma who received the computers expressed his gratitude to the MP for his kind gesture.

He said the university also expects to procure 10 high-end business computers to help student innovators develop their ideas


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