AVOCADO, Accra-based executive lounge owned by an old student of Adisadel College, is bringing back the famous Black Santa Night, a social event that used to be held on the school’s campus to deepen social activity among school in the central region.

Black Santa Night was touted as the biggest social event for schools in that region, arguably second to only inter colleges (interco) sport event, which happens once a year. But it has been over 10 years, since it was last held on campus.

Avocado is therefore collaborating with the 1996-year-group of Santaclaussians (old boys of Adisadel College), to revive it into, not just social event, but also one for business networking one, within a relaxed, fun-filled and entertaining atmosphere.

The maiden edition of the all new Black Santa Night is slated for July 25, 2014 at Avocado in Asylum Down. It would be the first time Black Santa Night is being held off Adisadel College Campus and outside of Cape Coast.

The organizers noted that in the past, Black Santa Night had been a forum for business and social networking, where marriages, business partnerships and redefinition of careers have emerged for several patrons.

“Avocado has a philosophy to boost networking in the outside world to boost business and career network of alumini of schools in Cape Coast, and this falls squarely within that philosophy,” they noted. “Not only do people from same year group or generation meet new opportunities, but the younger generation gets the opportunity to find jobs for the first time or even redefine their careers.”

They noted that Avocado itself has a regular Corporate Friday event, which would also weave perfectly into Black Santa Night on July 25, 2014, where old Santaclausians and their colleagues from other schools in the region would get to meet and catch up on old stuff and build new relationships.

The organizers said tickets are on sale at the entrance for GHC30 and the program would be live on Happy FM with DJ Advisor, a Santaclaussian, and the MC would be Nii Kpakpo (GAVET) of Citi FM.

Avocado was launched in June this year at the start of this year’s FIFA World Cup tournament, and it became one of the main big screen viewing joints in the capital.

It is an executive lounge with a large garden terrace with the objective of providing multipurpose destination for the corporate and business world to hang out and undertake official programmes such as business lunch/dinner, celebrating performance, birthdays, and even meetings. Another target group for AVOCADO is old students associations some of whom have been using the place for meetings already.