The Bono Ahafo Regional Secretary of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Israel Boakye has resigned from his position.

Boakye, who until his resignation was also a National Executive Council (NEC) member, in a resignation letter issued on Monday and chanced upon by accused the musicians’ body of not seeking the welfare of its members.

According to him, the aims and objectives of MUSIGA require the union “to protect the creative and performing rights of all Musicians in the country, and to cater for the welfare of the retired Musicians,” something the musicians’ body has failed to do.

Israel Boakye noted that, “it seems all MUSIGA programmes and activities are centered in Greater Accra which is not the only region in Ghana as a country.”

He lamented that, “unpopular musicians do not get any benefit from the union, not talking of the musicians at the remote areas,” and added that during his tenure, he has never heard of any donation to any retired musician in the region.

Israel Boakye alleged that while in office, he never received any remuneration for his work and in spite of that, he did his best for the union.

He concluded that, as he resigns from his position and the musicians union, he hopes to “find another Association who shall see my worth and value as a member.”

The Bono Ahafo regional secretary’s resignation is coming after some members of MUSIGA in the Central region defected from the union accusing the musicians’ body of neglecting them.

The members, who call themselves Concerned Members of MUSIGA in the region, expressed their displeasure at the failure of the national executives to address several challenges facing them.

The concerned members in a statement signed by their Press Secretary, Oti Faaben Kakra and copied Friday, August 2, announced their defection from MUSIGA to the Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana (MUDAG).