The University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) in Sunyani, Brong-Ahafo has admitted 200 students to pursue four-year Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree programmes in the 2012/2013 academic year.

Currently, 150 students have arrived to commence lectures in three starting programmes, comprising Renewable Energy Engineering, Forest Resource Management and Wild Life and Range Management, Professor Daniel Obeng-Ofori, Pro Vice-Chancellor, disclosed at a stakeholders meeting on Tuesday in Sunyani.

The meeting was to brief stakeholders and solicit their views for preparation being made towards the inauguration of the university, investiture of the Vice Chancellor (VC) and induction of other senior officers as well as matriculation of the pioneer (first year) students of the university.

The stakeholders included some members of the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) representatives of utility providers, the Information Service Department (ISD), the Public Works Department (PWD) and the media.

The four-in-one programme slated for Saturday November 3 this year, is expected to be attended by President John Dramani Mahama, members of the University Council, traditional rulers, academicians and people from all walks of life.

Prof. Obeng-Ofori called for the assistance of stakeholders in the region to make the university not only a household name but visible in the lives of the people as their own establishment.

The Pro VC stressed, “We want the university to be owned by the region”, so that the name of the region would be identified with it over time, just as the mention of world renowned universities like Oxford, Cambridge and Cardiff in the United Kingdom had been associated with those cities for centuries, he added.

Prof. Obeng-Ofori said for UENR to be on the pedestal of academic success and research achievements to impact tremendously on the socio-economic development of the region and the country at large and to position it for international recognition and fame, it required the support of the people.

He indicated that residents and citizens of those internationally-acclaimed universities saw them as their own and cooperated in all aspects that culminated to the achievement of their status today.

The Pro VC appealed to the media, especially radio stations in the region to assist in publicizing not only the upcoming event but everything in the life of the University for it to become a household name.

Mr. Felix Chaahaah, Chief Director at the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC), assured the University authorities of the necessary assistance and cooperation of the Council and the REGSEC for the event to pass off successfully.


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