The baby diagnosed with hydrocephalus and spinal bifida at birth is inching closer to life following financial support from the Staff of the Wa Small Tax office of GRA for surgery.

Doctors at the Nadowli Hospital in WA, where the boy was diagnosed with the ailment at birth said he had just a few days to survive unless medical processes were engaged to correct the defect.

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Following Joy News’ report on the subject, the Ghana Revenue Authority staffs were able to mobilize Ghc 2,280 in personal contributions in the office.

Deputy Head of the Wa small tax office of the GRA, Mohammed Mansoor Isahaq said they were touched by the news item.

''We saw the plight of the little baby and realized the need for us to assist. Our issue is not only to enforce laws and collect taxes but to also engage in social responsibility,'' he noted.

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The Nadowli-Kaleo District Director of Health, Phoebe Balangunyetimi, who received the donation on behalf of the family of baby Agnes thanked the staff of GRA for the cash donation stating that it will go a long way to help the little child.

''We will start the processes as soon as possible. We pray that everything goes on well, ''she pledged

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The family still require about Ghc 10,000 for the needed surgery given that the total cost is Ghc 12,000.

The infant's parents, who are subsistence farmers, are appealing to the general public to come to their aid.



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