A Mobile Banker has been sentenced to five years imprisonment for stealing a cash amount of ₵115,414.00 belonging to South Akim Rural Bank at Akyem-Osenase in the Eastern region.

The convict, Essah Gabriel Ansah Sasraku, aged 26, was charged for stealing, contrary to section 124 (1) of the criminal offences act 1960 (Act 29).

The facts of the case as presented by Chief Inspector, Richard Adukpo indicate that the convict is an employee (Mobile Banker) in charge of Akwatia Zone, while the complainant is the manager for the Osenase branch of the Bank.

The prosecutor said on May 6 this year, a customer of the Bank tried to withdraw his savings with the accused at the Kade branch and detected that his money at the Bank is far lower than what is written in his passbook.

The manager of the bank requested the passbook and detected that GH₵20,800 belonging to the customer could not be accounted for.

A report was made to the police who contracted Financial Auditors to audit the account of the customer.

He said after auditing, the accused admitted having suppressed the GH₵20,800 to other customers but the audit report detected a missing GH₵115,414.

The prosecutor said after his arrest, he refunded GH₵2000.00 to the Bank but was unable to settle the balance of GH₵113,414.00.

The judge, his Honour Abubakari Abass Adams found him guilty and sentenced him.


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