Ghanaian musician Barimah Sydney, who was scheduled to perform at the inauguration of President General Mohammadu Buahri of Nigeria, could not make it for the ceremony.

The ‘Sikadie’ hit singer was billed to join Nigerian musicians Iyanya, Faze, Ice Prince and P-Square to perform at the inauguration in Abuja, Nigeria Friday.

The Ghanaian musician failed to fly to Nigeria to perform at the event due to what he described as challenges beyond his control.

Barimah Sydney, through a text message, told Hitz Entertainment News that, “…I am still here in Ghana..they are now arranging how they are going to lift us to Abuja….so many issues to be cleared …I’m considering dropping this whole trip…the man who started this whole move left to the States two nights ago and his rep in Nigeria is supposed to take over but he is not forthcoming with more information including payment, so am just confused and stuck here..Currently in a meeting with a man who wants to help.”

He added that, “Currently I’m here and don’t know what will happen in the next hour, as I said, some businessman wants to help but things don’t look right, I am awfully sorry I can’t talk on air now, the atmosphere is not too conducive for a radio interview … I am still in the man’s office.”

All Progressives Congress (APC), the party of General Mohammadu Buhari used Barimah Sydney’s hit song titled, “Our Money” during their political campaign.

The song was chosen by Buhari himself, a source said, because he believes it tells the perfect story of what was happening in Nigeria.

Barimah Sydney disclosed that General Mohammadu Buhari had personally sent him an invitation to perform on the day of his swearing-in.

According to him, the Nigerian president had also asked Sydney to compose another song for the inauguration, which the Ghanaian musician did.




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