Nigeria’s Beverly kicked off the most crucial nominations of the season with her list of victims for the eviction guillotine.

Dillish was the first Housemate she threw her Nominations dagger at. “I swapped her last week and it’s not personal,” she said.

Cleo was next on her list “because she’s competition.” Cleo kindly returned the favour by Nominating Bev, because the Nigerian has never been Nominated before. “She’s never faced possible Eviction before.

“I want to see how strong she is,” Cleo said, before putting Head of House Elikem up because he can save himself.

Dillish also took a leaf out of Cleo’s book, putting Elikem up for the same reason. She then went a little more strategic by putting Bimp up because he is competition.

It would seem Bimp thinks the same of Dillish because he also put her up because she is a threat to his game. The Ethiopian also put Elikem up, not because he is Head of House, but because “we don’t get along.” No surprises here.

Elikem is not under any illusions regarding his relationship with Bimp either because he also pulled the trigger at the Ethiopian. “Bimp told me he hates me. He still blames me for the fact that Nando was Disqualified,” Elikem said.

The Ghanaian also put Angelo’s neck on the chopping block. Angelo repaid the favour by nominating Elikem because he will do anything to win. “He is also a hard worker when it benefits him,” he said.

Melvin, on the other hand, nominated Bimp because “everyone is close to me. If I choose one person for possible Eviction, it would have to be Bimp.” Melvin also nominated Elikem because he can save himself.

The chaff will be separated from the wheat this week as the finale looms.


Elikem: 5
Bimp: 4
Dillish: 2
Cleo: 1
Beverly :1
Angelo: 1
Melvin: 0