Motamma, Botswana representative in the ongoing Big Brother Africa (The Chase reality show was hit with grief after she got news that her grandfather had passed on.

Big Brother called the 26-year-old housemate to diary room Thursday night and informed her that her 90-year-old grandfather has passed away Wednesday in Botswana. It was, however, not made known what might have caused his death.

Big Brother announced that, “Motamma has received some very sad news of the passing of her grandfather. This is someone she was close to in so many ways.”

“Just to put it into context, Motamma had alluded to Big Brother that she had had a dream of the grandfather and when this happens, she knows something is wrong,” he added as Motamma sobbed uncontrollably in the diary room chair.

“Big Brother empathizes with Motamma as Big Brother is sure Africa, Motamma’s loved ones, [and] especially Motamma’s mother do so too.

“Big Brother would also like to inform everyone that Motamma’s mother’s message to Motamma is that they have all accepted her grandfather’s passing and that they are very proud that she has made it this far already in the competition,” he said and added that the funeral will be soon.

Motamma sharing fond memories of her grandfather said, “To my Mum, Mum be strong, I’m fine, I will cope, don’t mind the tears right now. My grandfather meant a lot to me, he is the one who thought kindness, to be loving, to be polite all the time. I am glad that before I came here, I made sure I went home to spend the last week with him.”

She said she will hold on to a promise she made to her late grandfather while he was alive that, when she gives birth to a son, she will name him after him because “he is so kind, so polite, patient, and so respectful,” and that, in spite of his age, he listens “to someone who is young and gives them the respect they deserve.”

“I am sad, he was the greatest grandfather,” Motamma added.