Highlife legend Bernard George Kobena Brako popularly known as Ben Brako is urging Ghanaians to be more patriotic.

This, according to him, will start by people embracing locally laid down norms over foreign cultures.

Speaking on Fresh Juice on Joy Prime TV, the highlife musician known for his hit song ‘Mawie’ said he would prefer that Ghanaians embrace their culture and leave some adopted lifestyles behind.

His comment resurrects decade old debates about Ghanaians preference of foreign culture and lifestyle over local norms and ways of life.

In December last year, Appeals Court judge Justice Gertrude Torkornoo made headlines when she backed calls for reforms in the dress code of the judiciary to reflect values and conditions in the country.

Former British colonies including Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe continue to abide by the UK legal system which requires the wearing of wigs and robes for judges and lawyers.

While Malawi, another former colony had their constitutional court suspend the wearing of traditional white wigs and black robes in the courtroom as temperature levels in the country kept soaring, Ghana continues to hold the culture in high value.

In an attempt to get Ghanaians to not only appreciate their own, government labeled 2019 as the year of return where descendants of blacks migrants were encouraged to come home and learn about their people.

Campaigns for ‘Eat Ghana’, ‘Wear Ghana’, and ‘Know Ghana’ were greatly advertised to sell the culture of the people.

Addressing this alleged inferiority complex, Mr. Brako said it will be prudent for the younger generation to be taught the value of their culture.

He also urged government to adopt the use of the local anthem”y3n ara ya sase ne” and put more measures in place to ensure that local products such as food and clothes are patronised over foreign ones.