The Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management Ghana has held its 12th Graduation Ceremony with a charge on HR practitioners to be more resilient to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and also hold true the values and ethics of HR practice in Ghana.

Addressing the 12th Graduation Ceremony at the Ghana Academy of Science and Arts, Executive Director of the Institute, Dr. Ebenezer Ofori Agbettor called on the graduates to be good ambassadors of the profession.

“Your thinking must be strategic; you must stand tall as you have been equipped with all the tools, you need to distinguish yourself from the ‘cowboys’ and girls in the industry.

“I want to encourage you to pay attention and deal with issues of diversity, sexual harassment, employee engagement and well-being, digitization and remote working.” he stated.

On his part, president of the CIHRM Ghana, Dr. Edward Kwapong stated that progress has been made in effecting a licensing regime for all HR practitioners in the country. 

“In due course, we will have to register you as a member of the institute and issue you with a license to practice. Quack practitioners will thereupon be flushed out to make way for professionals,” he stated. 

In all, 190 deserving graduates who completed the level 3 examination of the professional certification programme of the institute were officially presented certificates.

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