You remember the day your mum caught you stealing the cereal for your younger sister? Or perhaps the milk powder that belonged to your one year old brother? What did you tell her? That you were trying to clear the ants off the lid or that it nearly fell and you tried saving the small left in the can?

Well, save your answer. But that’s how it usually starts. Political lies never begin when adults get on their political pulpits to make promises they would not even believe in their dreams if they were told.

People tell lies for diverse reasons and I guess you wouldn’t want me to go into because you may know most of them. Let’s talk about this from the perspective of that little boy or girl? You wonder why they tell the lies you try so hard to understand?

Being a child before, and monitoring our lovely beings grow, you get to figure out why. Fear dominates their minds when they know the truth will get them punishment and sometimes the fact that they may not get what they want if they told you the truth. Yeah! They are the same beings who mount the political platforms. They know you very well that the truth may never get them the office they’re looking forward to. So what do they do? They colour the lies and make them attractive. And of course, everything catchy is easy to sell right?

They end up telling political lies are not a big deal. But they certainly are. Let me leave our politicians for now and talk of our everyday interactions. People tell all sorts of lies at work, in their engagement with other people to get what they want. They never mind because at the end of the day, they don’t get negatively affected. Some people say that you never get everything done if you go with telling the truth always.

But the sad aspect is, many have been slapped with life time damages because people told a lie that went against them. Others have also perished. And relationships that could otherwise save lives have been turned sour. More others have lost contracts and jobs. I actually heard a story of someone who nearly lost a relationship to a great man all because a jealous friend of the lady told the prospective partner she had a baby she had kept from him.

I think it’s ugly to tell lies.

Remember that people don’t grow up to learn how to tell lies. It starts from somewhere. It could be that tensed environment at home, which meant that if you told the truth of what had happened, you would be dead meat. People grow up and try to cover up for things they think may harm their reputation. So what do they do?

They lie and justify it by saying it was a political lie. “After all, only political lies are allowed here”. But a lie is a lie; small or big. Truth could be hard to tell. But it always liberates and will vindicate in the end. Let’s learn to say the TRUTH. Political lies are still lies. The difference is, it is painted by the word “politics”


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