Eno Barony

Rapper Eno Barony has said artistes feuding in the industry do not have to take their beefs personal, stating that it is all rap talk.

According to her, beefs are all about showing ones lyrical supremacy over another and hence it does not need to go beyond the microphone.

“You should understand rap. When you say something to me, I want to say something about me that you can’t have, so (I’m) not even insulting you…

“So it doesn’t have to get personal when it is a lyrical something unless you’re not deep and you’re dumb,” she told Mercury Quaye on Daybreak Hitz.

Her response comes after two of her colleagues Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz nearly fought each other at the premises of a media house because of their beef.

Eno Barony said that beefs become unhealthy when they reach that tipping point where the people involved want to prove they are better than the other.

The Rap Goddess stated that throughout her career she has not had to take any rap talk personal mostly because of her upbringing.

She revealed that she was trained by rapper Yaa Pono hence had to develop a thick skin for the game.

“I started rapping with men as a young girl. Somebody like Yaa Pono teaching me, not beefing, would say something and people would think ‘this guy just insulted the girl’, that was my young days.”

“I was then supposed to go home and write something that would make Yaa Pono feel like it didn’t get to me, and then impress him. So, that is how I grew up, I haven’t gotten personal with anything.”

Eno Barony stated that she has learnt to use her strengths to address collegues when playing this game of lyrical supremacy with others.

She said she learns all about the things her opponents are lacking and use what makes her a good rapper to counter their arguments.

That, she explains allows her to stay away from insults and getting personal.