BetPawa made a customer’s dream come true this weekend and launched a new initiative to help many more achieve theirs.

A customer, Douglas won a penalty shootout at Accra’s Under Bridge Event Center and drove away in a brand new Toyota RAV4.

The Accra-based businessman beat fellow customers Biney, Seth, Seidu, Ezekiel, Solomon, David and Ampofo, who each left with prizes ranging between GH¢1,500 and GH¢6,000.

All eight winners were drawn to play in the shootout after placing a bet on the English Premier League in August.

The wonderful event was supervised and graced by the Gaming Commission, represented by Bernard Ansah, an Operations Officer and Johnson Oduro, Monitoring and Investigation Officer.

“I advise everyone to bet responsibly”

The winner, Douglas, popularly known as Kandy Man, was keen to highlight the importance of betting responsibly.

He said: “I don’t play football but I did my best to win the penalty shootout. I always bet responsibly. I advise everyone to bet responsibly. I appreciate betPawa for such a kind gesture.”

BetPawa Ghana’s Marketing Coordinator Nicholas Bati added: “I want to congratulate all our eight finalists, indeed they are all winners. We will continue to engage our players through exciting promotions.”

The team will be travelling throughout Ghana on a bus this month and encourage people to share dreams that they can help come true.

The most life-changing dreams will be brought to life in October.

About the betPawa Dream Maker

The Dream Maker campaign is an initiative open to everyone in Ghana over the age of 18 and does not require any betting activity.

The ambition is to help people realise dreams that will enrich themselves, their families and their communities.

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