The fox is the wisest animal on earth; so is the elephant the biggest and the cheetah the fastest on earth. Why is it that the lion is not really any of these yet it is their boss, in fact the King of the forest? All the lion has is COURAGE. 

My bank sent me a message on 6th March to ‘wish me well’. Why are banks so stingy? On holidays, they would send you nice messages some of which would read: A nation's greatness rests in the collective will of its people…and blab la bla! They would never add that ‘as a result of the joy we share, we have credited your account with an amount of  GHC100. Use your ATM to cash it and use it to buy coke and meat pie to refresh yourself’. Never! Moy3 chisel dodo! Haba! Banks abr3!  

Happy Women’s Day o! You remember I told you before that when I was young, I promised myself I would like to marry a waakye seller when I grow up and not an ‘I-put-it-to-you’? Good! 

I loved waakye and wele to the extent that I swore that I was going to marry a waakye seller though I eventually settled on a Teacher, a good one as such!
When you are a ‘children’, too many ambitions come to mind. In fact my nephew, Larry Zogbenu at age 5 wanted to be a ‘shoe shine boy’ (SSB) when he grows up because he just loved the way the SSB guys struck the boxes to advertise their services. But today, mention it to him at the Legon ICT centre and he would tell you ‘damn you; you no sabi ‘worsop’!

Let me ask you, “what you are doing now, was that what you really wanted to do” or it’s a matter of man must survive? You studied Engineering and now you are a banker when you are supposed to be at Tallow Oil drilling oil abi?

How many of us, during the early stages of our education, when asked by our teachers “what do you want to be in future” and the answer was not “a lawyer, doctor, engineer,…”? I don’t remember anyone saying ‘Teacher’ anyway! Such ingratitude to our Teachers! Hmmm! No one would actually say a politician apart from my friend OTK who was ‘cursed’ to be a politician by his father when he was young. The reason? As young as OTK was, when he asks you to look up, I beg, don’t even look down; keep looking where you were looking before. Finish!

I don’t ever remember saying I wanted to be a writer or an insurance practitioner. I actually wanted to be a wanzam and be cutting ‘things’. 
But for a few specialized professionals such as medical doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc, what majority of us are doing now was not what we actually wanted to do. I dey lie? 

Is it not true that as we advance in life, our tastes, ambitions, etc change? Nortey Dua…please help with an explanation from the psychology perspective. You koraa, when I call you Doctor, you get angry and tell me a clinical psychologist is not a medical doctor. Then what are you? So long as I am concerned, I would continue to address you, Dr. Nortey Dua, whether you like it or not. Hahahaaa! 

At the estuary to entering the university, I was still not sure what I wanted in a wife but the certainty was that I no longer wanted a waakye seller for a wife but a ‘provision store sales girl’ because by then, I had come to love milo and nido so much and I used to ‘balance’ some from my mother small small and received the beatings in return thereafter but how for do! 

Advancing in my academic life and career, the taste changed again because I was warned by some doctor who didn’t know his job very well; he asked me to reduce my intake of sugar and products high in sugar. The same doctor asked me not to drink akpeteshie. At the same time, I should drink eight glasses of water every day. Ebei, how careful can man be again! As we grow, we want more either based on taste, physiological changes, demographic factors etc.

You have a good job, you have your plenty qualifications and you don’t really need much more, but you still want to do Law just because Justice ATTUGUBA and his panel of eminent Judges whipped up the interest in you 6 years ago. A friend of mine has also started a law program bcos of this and only God knows whether that guy can ever win any case in court – because he can’t tell a lie from the truth. He used to sell insurance and could criticize his own products! I can imagine him turning himself against his client in court! Everyone is running to do Law for Sheggey reasons! Sometimes for the fun of it and the fact that ‘me too I be lawyer’! Finish! The craving to study Law didn’t used to be like that until the election petition hearing in 2013, I think.

Everybody wants to be a lawyer and be putting it to people. It really feels good to be a lawyer ryt? If it is not your calling, abeg, don’t waste your time. Yes, some careers may require your knowledge and training  in the area but if it is not for politics and other relevant areas, relax! 

Did you really want to be a bank manager or to work in a bank, when you were a kid?
It’s like OTK who liked koko and tea bread all his life but decided to change at some point.

He only realized that it was about time he changed the taste to waakye, jollof rice or something more exotic in outlook after his red cup was snatched by his Company’s Head of Communications. 

OTK’s offence? The Company’s colour was pink and so anything that bore semblance to pink but not exactly pink was an offence as far as the brand of the Company was concerned.

This friend of mine had a serious altercation with the Communication Manager when he was preparing to gulp down the beverage moments after he had bought it. 

More annoying was the fact that the colour of the koose was not pink but brown! He was immediately summoned to the Disciplinary Committee of the Company and had to answer some questions:

Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee (CDC): Mr OTK, why are you trying to destroy our brand?

OTK: For sheggey reasons
CDC: Where sheggey reasons mean?
OTK: Variety is the spice of life 
CDC: Are you aware that the company’s unique pink colour must be strictly adhered to and any other colour apart from that is an offence?
OTK: Yes, I know, but do I have to bleach my skin to look pink all in the name of branding?
CDC: That is impudence and gross disrespect for authority
OTK: No Sir, I am only being real
CDC: So where is the pink cup the Company provided you?
OTK: It was cooling my koko too fast so I left it somewhere and somebody ‘thief’ it
CDC: So who did you report it to?
OTK: In fact the one I should have reported it to was the prime suspect so I decided to keep quiet over it.
CDC: OTK you must resign or get the sack.
OTK: Provided there would be enough of those cups made available.
CDC: OTK, you are fired.
OTK: Where fire means?
CDC: what do you mean?
OTK: I am sure you don’t mean it but for sheggey reasons.
Just then, a member of the Committee who was late for the meeting entered with a cup of tea in a white ceramic cup.
OTK: Sir, if I must get fired, let this member of the committee also go with me
CDC: Why do you think so?

His tea cup should have been pink too or?

At this point there was total silence. 

U see, brands do a lot of things to position an organization. This however does not mean that even the water or koko we drink must have the same colour as the company’s true colour. Let us be a bit flexible. After all, of what use is a Company’s brand if its sales persons don’t work hard enough to bring in the targeted revenue.

OTK may be weird but very intelligent hence his change of mind to study Law too. As weird as he looks, his trousers are like cigar; his eyes don’t have anything white around the pupil. What kind of human being be this and he wants to be a Lawyer too la!

To help me unravel this myth about OTK, just ensure that whatever, you are doing now, take it as your Godly calling and do it well and remember ‘when the butcher thinks he possesses the same skills the wanzam possesses and decides to ‘cut things’ the butcher’s way, it is only a matter of time generations would be cut off!’ Stick to your calling and don’t go with the wind! Is it bcos they get upset when you use the term ‘learned friend’ and you are not a Lawyer?

You too have ‘learned’ something wai. 

I heard Justice Attuguba, is now the Chairman of some high profile panel of top Lawyers in Sierra Leone! True? Greetings o, my Lord! I am going to sleep sef. Good night! Sichena!