The National Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Yaw Boateng Gyan has blamed former President Rawlings for the declarations being made by the regional branches of the party in support of President Mills in the flag-bearership race.

Speaking in an interview with the Chronicle newspaper, on the commotion that has hit the party of late, the former cadre said it was Mr. Rawlings who first declared support for his wife when he met delegates in Kumasi recently.

According to him, it was the same Mr. Rawlings who also introduced President Mills into politics, and urged all party members to support him win the 2008 elections. “Now you come back to tell us, without any apparent reason, that we should discard him and go in for your wife.”

“So I asked myself, within the NDC fraternity you do not trust that anyone can be a better candidate apart from your wife? I would say it anytime I have the opportunity, because that is the truth.”

Mr. Boateng Gyan asked Mr. Rawlings to accept the fact that the party had grown over the years, and that he alone cannot tell the party machinery to toe his line. “It is not possible, because things have changed,” he added.

He noted that Mr. Rawlings in the past supported Nii Lamptey Vanderpuye, who was contesting Haruna Iddrisu, but the former lost. “He, himself, has realised that the party is bigger than him, and that he is entitled to his own view.”

The outspoken organiser said anyone who thinks that the NDC would be divided, because of the upcoming congress, is living in a fool’s paradise, because after electing their leader, the NDC will all come together and support that person.

Yaw Gyan said he respected Mr. Rawlings, because he was the one who introduced him into politics, but added that did not stop him from criticizing the former President over his handling of President Mills.

“You brought him, he has been your Vice President for four years, he has been the presidential candidate for the party on two occasions, and you think we should discard him? Because the man would not allow himself to be controlled, you are accusing him that he is not delivering.”

The National Organiser said, looking at the level of governance, the President should be voted for and allowed to continue his good works. “He is the right person for the party now,” he noted.

Source: The Ghanaian Chronicle/Ghana