Diana Asamoah

Evangelist and gospel musician, Diana Asamoah, has revealed her source of inspiration is Reggae.

The actress said she has for a while followed Jamaican Reggae icon, Bob Marley’s style of music and lyrics which influenced most of her music.

Meaningful songs, devoid of any controversy, always refreshing when played years later, she stated, are some of the features she tapped from Bob Marley’s songs.

Diana Asamoah said her acquired knowledge has taught her not to go beyond her field in her quest to trend.

“I do lifetime songs like Bob Marley [does]; that is why most of my music are Pentecostal hymns because they will not wither in changing seasons,” she said.

She explained that such an action will sway her from the purpose of the Ministry.

The ‘Onyame Ba’ lyricist confessed that despite her fame, none of her songs was written by her but her way of glorifying the Most High has elevated her in life.