Bolt Food has expanded its food delivery services across more regions in Accra to ensure that more customers can discover, order, and track orders of their favourite meals on the app.

With the expansion, Bolt Food will now be available to customers in Lapaz, Sowutuom, Tantra Hill, Taifa, Awoshie, Adenta, Ashaley Botwe, Ashongman and Ogbodjo.

Last year, Bolt Food was launched in Ghana to create an easy and accessible platform for restaurants and food vendors to connect with eaters without any hassle.

The platform is growing due to its convenience, variety of food partners, and relatively low service cost to app users.

With a presence in these additional areas, customers can now place orders for their food from various restaurants on the Bolt platform to be delivered right at their doorstep for convenience.

Ali Zaryab, Bolt Food Country Manager, commenting on the expansion, said, “Our customers deserve convenience in all aspects of their lives. As such, we are delighted to extend Bolt Food to serve thousands of people in these new locations to enjoy their tasty and favourite meals with great ease.”

Zaryab, added “Bolt Food is here to solve your food delivery needs every day, whether you are a professional looking to grab lunch at the office or a family craving a wholesome meal to share with loved ones. People in the newly established areas will no longer have to deal with the challenge of staying in long traffic to get food since Bolt Food is now available in their community.”

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