Chiefs in the Tano Subin area of the Bono Ahafo Region are accusing the Regional Minister, Kwadwo Nyamekye Marfo of scheming to frustrate a process to induct them into the Bono Ahafo Regional House of Chiefs.

They are question Mr. Marfo’s decision to order the Regional House of Chiefs to stop the customary rites for their induction over what he says are security reasons.

At a press conference in Kumasi, Ankobeahene of Tanoso, Nana Sarfo Kntanka, speaking on behalf of the aggrieved chiefs appealed to President Mahama to intervene.

According to Nana Sarfo, on March 7, the Bono Ahafo Regional Security Council had given clearance for scheduled plans to induct him and other chiefs into the traditional council but another directive came that they have been advised by National Security to call it off.

He added that the three towns that had each paid an amount of GHc10,000 for the induction ceremony were disappointed.

Ankobeahene alleged that the Regional Minister had directed that the induction be suspended until next year.

The Bono Ahafo Regional Minister, Mr. Nyamekye Marfo said he was only acting on the orders of National Security.

“I am not acting as an individual; it is the Regional Security Council which received directives from the National Security Council. The Security Council is saying that the situation on the ground now will not allow for that so it was a directive that was directed that was directed at us to be conveyed to the Regional House of Chiefs,” he told Joy News.

He added that the National Security Council “will be the best institution to give an answer” why the induction has been stopped.


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