National Coordinator of the Ghana Boundary Commission, Brigadier General Emmanuel Kotia

The National Coordinator of the Ghana Boundary Commission, Brigadier General Emmanuel Kotia has assured Ghanaians that the Commission’s duty would move beyond the borders of Ghana with other neighbouring countries.

The Commission’s statement briefly follows numerous calls it has received after embarking on a tour to communities around the Ghana-Togo boundary to ensure disputes do not emerge out of the boundary pillars between the two countries.

According to Brigadier General Emmanuel Kotia, the Boundary Commission has been contacted by both Regional Ministers and District Officers to visit hotspot areas within their jurisdiction.

In view of this, the Commission, he says is expected to make stops at the Bono, Upper East and North East Region to help settle border issues in the country.

“We have started receiving a lot of calls from Regional Ministers and District officers to come to their areas where they have issues with boundary pillars. We think that we might be heading to the Bono Region where we have issues around dollar power at some areas and next areas – probably the Upper East and North East Region. We will be looking at those areas,” he told JoyNews.

He hinted that it is the vision of the Ghana Boundary Commission to settle border disputes in the country in the next two years.

“We hope that within two years we should finish auditing troubled spots and then we can go into the auditing of other areas that have not been identified as troubled spots. Now in this regard, we are looking within a five-year strategic plan,” he said.

Brigadier General Emmanuel Kotia also touched on the role of the Commission which has most often been conflicted with that of the Ghana Immigration Service.

According to him, the responsibility of providing security at Ghana’s borders lies within the jurisdiction of the Ghana Immigration Service.

“However, we collaraborate with them, they give us information when they identify issues,” he added.