Noted for his powerful and unique vocals Brian Kuffour has announced the release date for his debut single ‘Obiara nse wo’ on August 20.

“This song was inspired by the Holy Spirit and I hope it reveals the supremacy of God to anyone who listens to it,” the excited gospel singer said.

He said the release of the song marks the beginning of great manifestations into his journey as a music minister. 

Brian Kuffour

Mr Kuffour was born into a family of singers and went through life singing right from children’s service and eventually to the university school choir.

He was quick to notice a deep passion and calling into the ministry in his university days. 

Filled with the desire to sing and live for the gospel genre, Brian Kuffour together with a group of friends, founded The Ministers Music Ministry affectionately called TMCube. 

He has spearheaded the organisation of the group’s annual concert dubbed Jesus Rocks for nine years.