Brilliant Brains Academy one of the new entrants in the computer training and software development in Ghana has entered into a partnership with the world renowned computer education giant, G-Tec Computer Education, to provide sound and effective computer training for Ghanaians.

The partnership which was sealed in Accra last week is set to create 1000 jobs for the youth by 2020 through computer education.

Under the program, G-TEC computer will run courses in financial accounting, database administration, hardware and networking, software engineering, web animation etc with certification from some major players in the world of IT such as Microsoft, SAP IBM and Tally EC- Council through Brilliant Brains Academy.

Brilliant Brain's objective is to make Ghana the number in one computer education in Africa, matching the requirements of the industry and the future technology at large.

Brilliant Brains Academy, G-Tec partner to create 1,000 jobs in Ghana

 The academy is open to all cooperate organizations, industries, and educational institutions for partnership and training as well.

 On the ambitious 1.000 jobs creation, Brilliant Brains and G-Tec have launched a program dubbed "Job Fair", which is designed to create a platform for both top industry players and IT professionals to enable them exchange ideas.

Speaking at a news conference to announce the partnership, the  Marketing Manager of Brilliant Brain Academy, Prince Mensah, said in order to acquire the requisite skills needed for the job market his outfit decided to bring on board  G-Tec Computer Education to make the objective a reality.

 G-Tec is an International Standardized Organization (ISO) certified with the motto ‘transforming lives through quality education'.

G-Tec has more than 500 training centers and in over 15 countries (UAE, USA, Britain).


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