3G coverage in Western Region: Vodafone is best, Glo worst – NCA

3G coverage in Western Region: Vodafone is best, Glo worst – NCA
Source: Samuel Dowuona | Adom News
Date: 22-07-2016 Time: 10:07:01:am

National Communications Authority (NCA)’s assessment of telecom operators' 3G signals in 18 district capitals of the Western Region and the report shows that Vodafone has the best coverage, while Glo signals are the worst.

The measurement was conducted between March 1 and 23, 2016 taking consumer perspective into consideration.

The signal strength thresholds were as follows: -105>RSCP means no 3G coverage; –105≤ RSCP < -95 means poor coverage; –95≤ RSCP< –85 means fair coverage, and –85 ≤RSCP < –20 means good 3G coverage.

As per the 3G Cellular Mobile licence obligations, 3G-locked mode coverage samples were collected to obtain, on the average, a signal strength measurement which is representative of the coverage situation in each of the District Capitals that were driven.

The results showed that Vodafone has good 3G coverage in 14 out of 18 district capitals measured, and had fair coverage in the remaining four, confirming partially Vodafone's claim to have the best network quality in the country.

In a sharp contrast, Glo Ghana had no 3G coverage in a whopping 15 district capitals; it had good coverage in two and fair coverage in one.

But Adom News is reliably informed that, where Glo had good coverage, its service quality was better than some of the telcos.

Vodafone was followed by market leader MTN, which had good coverage in 11 districts, fair coverage in five, poor in one and surprisingly no coverage in one district.

Meanwhile, MTN has since deployed 4G in parts of the Western Region and is promising an across-board improvement in customer experience even with a 3G signal.

Tigo was next in line with good coverage in 11 district capitals, fair coverage in four and no coverage in three.

Airtel Ghana, the self-acclaimed smartphone network, had good coverage in six district capitals, fair coverage in nine districts and no coverage in three.

The report said Tigo was sanctioned for failing to maintain coverage at Nkroful, which is an old district capital and by law, a leading player like Tigo should have established coverage there.

Most of the other district capitals are new so each telco have been given up to December 31, 2016 to provide coverage or face sanctions.

The report also directed all operators to improve their existing 3G coverage by 31st July 2016, even in localities where coverage was rated “Good”.

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